NZSTA Professional Development

Supporting boards to govern effectively to ensure that all students achieve to their educational potential

NZSTA Professional development offers you:

  • A regional Professional Development Adviser to assist with all your professional development needs
  • A range of professional development opportunities, resources and support to suit trustees and boards at all levels of governance experience
  • Up to date and easy to understand resources
  • Tailored professional development and support for your board/cluster
  • Professional development and support opportunities at no cost to your board.

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Filling up fast

Name Presented by Start date
Welcome aBoard - L202 Alec McNeil 3-Dec-2014
Welcome aBoard - L202 Kate Calvert 4-Dec-2014
Welcome aBoard - L202 Rebecca Wichmann 1-Dec-2014
Welcome aBoard - L202 Tricia Chapman 2-Dec-2014
Welcome aBoard - L202 Jodie Cook 3-Dec-2014